also known as
Continous Improvement
also known as
Process Of On-Going Improvement


Some of you may ask where the word "kaizen" came from.
Kaizen word came from Japan. It means never ending continous improvement done by all employees. Kaizen usually means no or very small investment rather changing procedures, company policies, layout etc.
I feel that is enough as some basic explanation for those hearing the word KAIZEN for the first time, even it is not perfect. And some might argue it is not perfect explanation.

Let the university professors and all such theorist to discuss what is the kaizen and what is the difference between kaizen and kaikaku and so on.
I do not mind theory. I am fighting daily in real business and I need results.

I will try to release quickly much more information about kaizen, with focus to practical examples and recommendations as there are many theoretical articles and books.
I try to do kaizen with my staff daily as well as my colleagues do the same with their staff. Maybe you will find some useful hints.

Kaizen Tips