Kaikaku - 10th commandment

From: Norman Bodek

The 10th Commandment of Kaikaku from Hiroyuki Hirano is: “Kaikaku knows no limits.”

The universe is an unending creative evolution.  Imagine going back a few thousand years; could you have envisioned computers, automobiles, jet-engines, satellites, television, telephones, and getting stuck in traffic for three hours?  Just get your fellow employees together and envision what we all would need to have a more secure, happier, healthier and creative existence.  Sit there and ask and listen and dream and challenge and build and create and watch the amazing future come upon you.
Hirano’s commandments come from a new book to be published next year.  If you liked the ideas, you also might like to read Norman Bodek’s new book Kaikaku: The Power and Magic of Lean.