From: Norman Bodek

Kaikaku, does mean radical change, and is also the Kaizen Blitz, which came directly from Toyota. When I brought over Toyota's consultants (Shinjijustu) to America they would go directly to the factory floor and create chaos, rearranging machines from silos to cells. At Jake Brake where we ran the first event, 50 machines were moved in one night creating chaos. But, after a few months when managers handled the changes Jake Brake was far ahead.

It is just like nature when tornados, hurricanes or forest fires cause such devastation but then it all adjusts slowly. We must innovate and bring radical change in order to compete internationally today and then we put people into teams and encourage them to do continuous improvement. They work hand in hand. Without Kaikaku people will resist change, allow "grass to grow under their feet," and then watch the work go off to China with no one to blame but ourselves.

Strangely Toyota opens plants in America while we close them and go overseas. Toyota relentlessly pursues perfection. I recommend that we follow.

I do hope you will read my new book Kaikaku The Power and Magic of Lean which tells about Ohno, Shingo and the other great manufacturing geniuses. Read the book in teams and then apply their knowledge in your company.

Best regards,

Norman Bodek


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