This website was created as non-commercial online library containing various information related to TOC (Theory of Constraints), lean manufacturing, agile manufacturing, kaizen, kanban, inventory reduction, 5S, POOGI (process of ongoing improvements) etc.

Often I am sharing this kind of information with my friends or colleagues. Before I sent them links or articles by mail. But I feel it would be more comfortable for both to share it through this website. Easy for me to update the web and easy for the others to access information anywhere anytime.

The site was created in November 2004. Even I am quite busy I try to update this web at least weekly.

Since the beginning of 2005 I run WIP reduction project in our company. Within 4 weeks we have reduced WIP to 15-70% of the value before and we still continue. I will share my experience with you. They are very simple and they really work. Cost is almost zero, just changing policy, rules, operator's mind.