Kaikaku - 1st commandment

From: Norman Bodek

There are two principle words for me Kaizen and Kaikaku:

Kaizen means continuous improvement through employee involvement - getting all employees involved through their improvement ideas. This I write about in my book The Idea Generator - Quick and Easy Kaizen.

Kaikaku means 'radical change,' 'transformation of the mind,' 'working with others to achieve radical change,' and bringing new and vital energy to your organization. It also means innovation. The Kaizen Blitz is a Kaikaku but we should not be limited to only that event.

The first commandment is "Throw out the traditional concept of manufacturing methods."

Think about what this means to you, if you agree and what you can do to follow this advice. Also consider that most people if not all are fearful of change and this commandment asks to not only change the small things (Kaizen) but to find ways to radically change, to shake up everything, and to actually start to consciously create chaos.